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How to build a website on Wix

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Building a website on Wix is super easy and not at all time consuming. It is a very powerful platform that gives you the tools to grow your online presence and excel at your content strategy.

The Wix website builder offers a complete solution from enterprise-grade infrastructure and business features to advanced SEO and marketing tools – enabling anyone to create and grow online.

Learn in a few easy steps how to build your website on Wix.

Create your Wix Account

First of all you need to create an account with Wix. There are plenty of options. You can either create an account directly or by using one your Google, Facebook or Apple ID accounts or even a single sign on (SSO).

I recommend either creating an account directly or Signing Up in with your Google Account. If you choose the later you a popup window will appear that prompts you to login to your Google Account.

Once you follow all the steps and sign up you will find yourself in the Wix environment

Get Started with Wix website creation

  • Click on the Get Started button

Choose the type of your website.

Whether you are starting an online shop or a travel agency website Wix is the tool for you. If you are starting a blog and you're not sure about the category, you will be able to change it later.

Name your website

Once you have chosen your website type, it's time to choose the name. Again you don't need to worry it can be changed later as Wix is a very flexible platform!

Set the goals of your business

Then you need to choose the goal of your website. Do you need to sell your products online, write for fun or provide valuable information to users? It's up to you!

Website Features

Next choose the features your website will have. You

Ready for the next step

You're almost there! Ready to go to your dashboard and continue the set up? Just click on Go to Dashboard

In the Wix Main Dashboard you can:

  • Edit your businesses' info

  • Update your site type

  • Add your first product

  • Set up shipping and delivery

  • Set up payment methods

  • Connect a custom domain

  • Design your website

  • Get found on Google and optimising for SEO basic and advanced settings

That's it in a only a few steps you managed to set up your main website and start designing it! In our next articles we'll talk about:

  • Getting and setting up a domain

  • Choosing a premium plan

  • Designing your website

  • Content editing

  • Setting up your SEO on your own or with an SEO consultant

  • Setting your Google Analytics and having your Analytics basics in order

Thank you and stay tuned or more articles about building your website on Wix!

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