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How to write for SEO

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Content writing is a noble profession. There are many out there just like you that write about what they love or about topics that bring value to people. But SEO writing is an entirely different beast. Learn how to write for SEO and follow the correct SEO Strategy and best practices.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of optimising your website to rank high(er than your competitors) on Search Engines. If you know the SEO Basics then understanding it won't be a problem for you. On the other hand, learning how to handle SEO needs commitment and hard work and it will definitely bring you rewards if you follow the rules.

What is SEO Writing?

If you're writing and publishing quality content out there then congrats, you're on the right track! But is it enough? Of course not. Writing content and producing SEO optimised content are very different things.

SEO content writing is the process of producing high quality optimised content that can rank in search engines for specific keyword around a certain topic.

You cannot write content and hope that it may rank on Google. You will need to do your keyword research, competitive research and follow certain SEO rules to succeed.

Why use SEO Writing?

SEO - when done properly - can bring you more traffic and potential customers than social media or paid google ads. And it's all free (well not exactly you would need to put your back into it which takes time and time is money).

Did you know that according to a research performed by BrightEdge, 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine?

That fact alone will make you question your approach on your content and give you the edge you need to focus on SEO.

How does it benefit your website?

According to Forbes, SEO can benefit in many ways. Here are a few examples.

Boost your credibility

A high quality website usually ranks high on search engines and it's considered trustworthy and credible both by Google and users.

It costs less than advertising

In comparison to ppc or social media, you only need to invest your time for SEO or your money if you hire an SEO freelancer or an external agency like Black Lantern Marketing. Whatever the case, Search Engines crawl your website 24/07 so you do not want to leave your website idle.

Boost your content marketing

The whole point of this effort is to boost your content efforts and create valuable content that is both useful for your target audience and can rank high on Google. Don't be afraid to use images, videos, infographics, list your sources and link to external credible organisations and most importantly to your own pages with internal linking.

It maximises PPC Campaigns

An SEO optimised website has better chances to work better for your ppc campaigns than a non optimised one. Also don't forget that the Google SERPs (Search Engines Results Page) is like real estate. The more pages appear there by combining SEO and PPC the merrier for attracting new visitors.

Learn how to do all the above by reading through the rest of my blog and learning about the fascinating world of SEO!

SEO 101

SEO Basics: Learn about the basics of SEO and the most important elements you need to be aware of

Keyword Research: Finding the right keywords for your content is key if you want to rank ahead of your competition

SEO Audit: In order to identify potential issues on your website, follow a few simple steps and you will perform an SEO Audit in no time.

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